Ontario Trillium Foundation
  The Dunsford Community Centre is a charitable non-profit organization. The building was built by volunteers and opened in 1991. All our services are provided by a dedicated group of volunteers.

  • We cater to large and small events: weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, Christmas parties, etc...
  • We do business meetings and all-day seminars
  • We are licensed under the LCBO
  • We have a full sound system

  • If you are interested in renting our facilities, please fill out the form below or contact us at (705)793-2500.

    Main Hall

    Seniors Room

    Lions Den

    Activity Room

      Rental Inquiry
    Date of Event: Type of Activity:
    Name of Customer/Club/Organization: Contact Name:
    Address: Telephone Number:
    Rooms Required for Rental:
    Main Hall (250 people)
    Activity Room (120 people)
    Seniors Rooom (50 people)
    Lions Den (40 people)
    Decorating Day: Decorating Time:
    Bar Required: Time you require bar to be opened:
    Dinner Required: Time to be served:
    Late Lunch Required: Time to be served:

    *NOTE: A representative from the Dunsford Community Centre will call to confirm availablity based on the details of your request.

    Thank you for considering the Dunsford Community Centre for your upcoming event. The following is a list of some of the Community Centre's rules and regulations, in answer to some of the most commonly asked questions.

    Hall Rental:

    A deposit is required to confirm your booking. This becomes a damage deposit on the date of the event and is refundable 7 days after the event, providing there is no damage to the building. This deposit is non-refundable if the event is cancelled. Billing for the event is due in full the day prior to the event.

    The hall will only be available for decorating on the day prior to the event, providing no other event is booked for that day.


    Decorations can only be hung from the permanent hooks supplied. No thumbtacks or tape of any kind may be used on the walls.

    All decorations must be removed the same evening of the event, by 1:30am (*Note: special arrangements can be made with the event co-ordinator to remove decorations the following morning).

    A hall layout for table setup is required two weeks prior to the event.

    If providing table linens, they must be at the Community Centre 2 evenings prior to the event. DCC is not responsible for injuries caused by decorator supplied chair-covers.

    If access to the hall is required the day of the event (for flower and/or cake delivery, etc...) the events coordinator must be advised, in advance, of the time access is required, to arrange for the hall to be open. Personnel will remain at the hall for no more than 15 minutes past the designated delivery time.

    Please do not bring small children to the hall while decorating, as the staff will be setting up the tables for dinner.

    All empty boxes, packaging, etc, is to be removed from the building, or folded accordingly for recycling purposes.


    Taxes are included in this price. There are no gratuities.

    Menu choices are disclosed in the catering contract.

    Only one menu choice can be supplied. However, an extra meat choice can be provided at an additional cost.

    Choice of menu must be provided two months prior to date of the event.

    Final guests number must be provided 30 days prior to the date of the event. This is the final number for which you will be billed. We cannot subtract from this number, however you may add to this number up to one week prior to the date of the event.

    Dinner is to be served no later than 7PM. Meals must be served within 1/2 an hour of serving time specified to avoid spoilage. Delays beyond this time could result in a fee, per half-hour, deducted from security deposit.

    Please note kitchen staff requires a 15 minute intermission before speeches to clear the tables. Staff will work quietly to remove remaining china and replace wine glasses with plastic.

    NO FOOD can be brought into the building by the customer for the main hall or the lions den rental. Customer may provide their own food when renting the Seniors room or Activity Room. Bar service is still available in the activity room.


    Alcoholic beverages MAY NOT be brought into, or leave the Community Centre, under ANY circumstances.

    The liquor licence provided to the Community Centre allows only for the sale and consumption of liquor ON THE PREMISES.

    Non-Alcoholic "wine" is available at sit-down dinners only.

    In the event of an "Open Bar", a separate bill will be issued by the Bar Manager, and payable in full at time of the event.

    Non-Alcoholic punch is available. One order is approximatly four bowls.

    Alcoholic punch is availalbe. One order is approximately four bowls.

    Wine glasses are provided for use with Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic wine purchases.


    Late Lunch Service

    NOTE: The LCBO stipulates in our liquor license that food must be provided for any patron not attending a dinner, and where a bar is available.

    The Community Centre can provide a "late lunch" service, if required. Also available are "finger food" trays, which are priced individually, and do not include the tea and coffee service in the price. Contact us for further information on pricing.

    The "late lunch" service is not available before 9PM, and the "hot buffet" is not available after 8PM.

    NOTICE: Due to health and safety regulations, please note that any "Act of God", (i.e. Power failure) or any circumstances beyond our control, could result in cancellation of any event. Any deposit will be refunded in full should The Dunsford Community Centre be forced to cancel an event.